Friday, September 14, 2018

One of Each, Please

I look at it like Monopoly money. It doesn’t mean much to you until you don’t have any. - Ant Pruitt
It’s wonderful iPhone season again and you can feel it in the air. I make the joke leading up every year, “I have to buy one of each thing Apple releases to keep my fanboy card. If I don’t, Apple will rescind it.” I enjoy when some people ask if I’m serious. Yet this year, I am buying one of each! There were only two things, so it’s not so bad.
The iPhone Xs Max. It was someone last year Mrs.Chaos was trying to work with RAW photos that I realized the most powerful computers in our home were our iPhoneX devices. Followed by my iPad Pro... and then well after that comes our MacBooks. That is crazy to me, but also, my iPhone is far-and-away the most common computer that I use more than any other for person use. I’m excited to get back to the Plus/Max form factor - I really enjoyed the last one. I’m looking at trying to find a mini-keyboard for this bad boy.
My history with the watch has been slow. I did buy Series 0 the day after it came out - it was the only Apple release I slept through (I had a new born) and didn’t get mine until a couple weeks after the first set arrived to people. When Series 2 came out, I upgraded to Series 1 the moment I saw a sale on them. Series 3 didn’t really catch my attention, but this Series 4 does. There ECG is cool (I have a Kardia already), but the jam-packed complications look great. I’m excited, very excited.
I stayed up until 12:05am and watched Apple Pay take away a lot of my money. Rough.
Rougher still? There is likely an October event with a new iPad Pro and a very rumored macMini Pro... and I might want to buy both of those... if I have any money left in my gadget fund.