Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Double Bump

For my generation, a car was freedom to explore the world. To this generation, they already have that with their phone. - Brianna Wu
Every week on the way to church we grab some coffee to power up. When Mini-Chaos and then Micro-Chaos got added to the mix, that mean that Mrs.Chaos jumped out of the car and I waited patiently for her. Before the days of mobile-ordering, this might mean 10m of waiting and having two little ones strapped into their car seats often translated into 10m of children crying. Yep. It was awesome.
One thing in that magical parking lot seemed to solve this problem: the double bump. For whatever reason, in the parking lot, there is one place where there are two speed bumps right next to each other and taking the boys over the "double-bump" almost always translated crying into laughter. Years later, and it's like a carnival ride. "Mom is going to go grab coffee." "OOHHHHHH!!!! Can we doe the DOUBLE BUMP!?!?" Yes, yes we can.
I look forward to a decade from now, fresh with their own driver's license. "What do you want to do?" "Dad! I'm going to go hit the DOUBLE BUMP!"