Sunday, October 7, 2018

eBay, eh

Ever since my second iPhone (3G), I’ve sold my phones on eBay when I bought the new one and had a great track record. Sadly tonight was the exception to my great streak.
I end my auctions at 5pm PST on Sundays, as the statistically best time. What happened today? 3pm mediocre bid comes in. 4pm significantly higher (overpriced?) bid comes in. 4:59pm higher bid is cancelled and the drops back to the mediocre bid and closes. So, I earned from eBay less than I would have gotten selling direct to Apple.
Sadly, it seems like a scam to me.  The person who cancelled their bid has all purchases from a single buyer over the past couple of years - puppet account. I canceled the sale, which will probably hurt my seller rating.
The other problem is that I have a listing limit, and the iPhoneX is expensive, so I can’t list it again until the next month.  I gave in and I’m selling it to Apple instead - now I need to do a full price break down of everything.
On a positive note, my Apple Watch Series 1 sold for a great amount.