Friday, May 24, 2019

Downloading Video on the iPad

So my eldest son really, REALLY, wanted me to get the Transformers Combiner Wars Trilogy onto the Apple TV so he could watch it at home. I knew that it was available for streaming on Rooster Teeth. So here was the challenge, would I be able to get a copy of the video using only my iPad? Answer: Ahhhhh yeah.
First things first, after going to the page I needed to get the URL of the video stream. Safari for iOS won't do that for me, but I was able to use MIHTool as a developer browser for iOS to pull down the rendered HTML source.
I pulled the HTML source over to Writemator so I could full text search through for the stream to find the m3u8 URL in the source. I fired up iSH and installed youtube-dl. Sure enough, I got pull down the source from youtube-dl.
After it downloaded, I was able to use the Files app with FileBrowser to toss it over onto the Drobo via SMB and finally using Screens back to my macOS server I added the file into iTunes.