Sunday, June 2, 2019

WWDC and Work Carry

I'm not attending WWDC as an attendee this year, but I am heading down for a couple of events and put together my travel bag. This is the same bag I take on vacation, to the office, etc, and pretty much my daily work carry for getting things done. It is light and awesome.

MOSISO Laptop Shoulder Bag

I struggled a long time to find this bag and it's just barely what I want. I wanted the smallest possible bag capable for carrying my iPad Pro 12.9" along with the Apple Magic Keyboard with a Studio Neat Canopy Case. This bag is just the right size to fit the iPad Pro, but is a little too small to care the keyboard fully within one of the zippered pockets. I haven't had an issue yet where the keyboard falls out or is snatched out by a ne'er-do-well, but it seems like it will happen. I also wish the clips attached to the side so it hung the long way rather than horizontal, but overall, it meets my needs and I am happy.

iPad Pro 12.9"

This is my main computer these days and I love the screen size, power, the apps, the pencil, and the cellular connection. I don't pay for cellular since I'm around WiFi the majority of time, but it's neat to be able to buy a day or a month pass from Verizon or Sprint if I need one (which is rare). I use the Ztotop Case which is inexpensive, but feels nice and uses the magnets to attach to the iPad Pro. I really don't like cases that have the keyboard built in, because I use my iPad a lot to just be hanging out and reading and there is no need to feel the bulk of a keyboard in that situation. The Apple Pencil attaches magnetically to the iPad and hangs out just fine with the case on. When I put the iPad my MOSISO bag, I do take the pencil off and put it in the side pouch. While the Apple Pencil can fit in the case still attached, I usually find the pencil has detached so I figure there is no point.
For those time I do want a keyboard, I want to have a full size keyboard no slightly smaller portable version. So I use the Apple Magic Keyboard contained in a Studio Neat Canopy case. When I'm using the iPad Pro on the go the Canopy Case works perfectly to hold it up and when I'm at home working on my more ergonomic environment, I have the keyboard on my keyboard tray and the iPad sitting on my desk. Works well in both scenarios.

iPhone XS Max

Part of the reason I rarely pay for a cellular connection for my iPad Pro is that this monster phone can do everything the iPad can do - but just a little less conveniently. So there has to be a pretty big reason for me to feel like if I'm doing something that requires internet and I don't have WiFi, I really need to pay for the big guy. I am forever grandfathered into AT&T's Unlimited Plan that I got with my iPhone 2G. AT&T keeps trying to tell me that newer unlimited plans are a better value, and sometimes I review the latest plans, but they are not.
I keep my iPhone inside a Mujjo leather wallet case and it's amazing. My wife convinced me many years ago to move to a wallet-less lifestyle and I have never looked back. I carry a credit card and my driver's license in the case (and a $20 bill tucked inside), but that it is. Restricting myself to this has felt liberating.
I have AirPods with me always, and after one of my kids hid them from me for a week, I also put them into an AhaStyle case with a Trackr on it. I'm excited by the rumors that Apple's "Find My" program might start supporting Trackr's as well!

The Cables and Stuff

These all fit neatly into the MOSISO laptop bag and head with me everywhere.
I carry the Belkin Valet Charger for my external battery because it does the job, but more importantly, it has an Apple Watch charger built into it. That means I don't need to care an extra Apple Watch cable for charging purposes.
The Anker 2-port charger is good to charge two items typically that is battery + iPad with the Apple Watch on the battery and the iPhone plugged into the battery. It's not enough juice to keep the iPad powered while I'm actually using it, but it works fine to charge it overnight and since the iPad lasts all day that is more than enough for me.
I have an Anker Powerline II which can connect to Lightening, USB Type-C, or Micro-USB. Mostly there to charger the iPad. I then use a random Micro USB cable to charge my battery with the Anker lightning charging cable the iPhone from the battery.
I also have a Nomad Carabiner clipped onto the bag because having an extra USB-A to lightning can be handy.