Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The New Setup

It’s the kind of fatigue that feels earned, rather than imposed. - Wil Wheaton
I really enjoying reading The Sweet Setup’s review of people’s work environments - how do they create their little work space to get things done? One thing that always strikes me is that all of the setups have people starting at a wall. For as long as I’ve had a home office (15+ years? 20+ years?) I have always arranged it so that my home desk lets me look out a window. I can’t believe that staring at a wall is much fun.
I’ve been working on more strongly incorporating my iPad into my digital life. I hear that it’s a desktop replacement. While I think there is a decent length of time before I’ll be able to do my Java development on my iPad, I can do a pretty good portion of my life, so I figured it was time that I had a home setup that reflected making it central. Take a look at this cool setup!
So, an iPad stand, that puts the iPad at the correct ergonomically correct height.  With a nice Apple Pencil stand an Apple Keyboard below. This is the work place of the future! Well, I have to admin, I really don’t link reaching up to tap on the iPad - I sure wish I could use a nice mouse or trackpast with a virtual pointer on the screen, but so it goes.  This setup also makes me wish instead of the iPad Pro, I had the iPad Pro Enormo version.  Still - pretty keen.
The other things I have been trying to get going is that I have all my TV shows over on a local macOS iTunes library.  How do I get these things copied over to my iPad/iPhone so I can watch them when I’m out on the go? I’ve got a start AppleScript that will manually copy the selected tracks (over WiFi) onto my devices.  The next iteration will need to handle copying all unwatched episodes of my shows.

tell application "iTunes"
  if selection is not {} then
    set deviceList to {"Kaoru", "Shinji"}
    set mySelection to selection
    repeat with aTrack in mySelection
      repeat with theDeviceName in deviceList
        set myDevice to item 1 of (every source whose name is theDeviceName)
        add (get aTrack's location) to library playlist 1 of myDevice
      end repeat
    end repeat
  end if
end tell